I was drawn to the contrast of contemplating the decline and eventual loss of someone with the backdrop of the spring blossom and its association with new beginnings and resurrection. The passing of time is a recurring theme throughout my work, on the landscape and in the people who pass through our lives.

The painting starts with the process of applying several layers of primers, clay and sand. As the surface builds up, it resembles the concrete I’m surrounded by in the city. The resulting texture assists in determining the composition of the final image. Owing to the length of drying time needed for each layer, numerous paintings will be on the go at any given time, usually resulting in a series of variations on a theme, or, as in this case, combining to form a triptych. Paints are applied via a range of mark-making tools and methods, from large brushes and pallet knives through to twigs and bark taken directly from the subject matter.

It’s safe to say that ‘Sunday Morning’ is my attempt to capture the beauty I remember from an otherwise miserable day.